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Solar Inverter is the backbone of Solar System

In this blog, we realize how we are blessed with an inverter, which typically includes the brains that the solar system. They usually have tiny screens that are on WiFi connectivity, and also a UPS feature on your mobile phones. You can track the amount of power you’ve consumed, the amount of power that was generated and exported, all that kind of thing. The primary function of solar panels is to transform the DC, direct current power generated by solar panels to an alternate current or AC power source, which is the one that your home and grid generally use.

Solar Inverters are usually large units and are usually placed outdoors on walls as they are IP65 protected or better. Also, you must make sure to place them in a position that is not directly exposed to sunlight however, while they can withstand rain and sunshine but it is better to keep them covered against the weather. An overall, long-term endurance. The size of your inverter is also dependent on the size of the solar system is. In the past, they would roughly match one to one. In the present, it’s normal to observe the generated by the sun to be slightly higher than that of is expected Inverters can manage. 

For example, say you’ve got the 6.5 Kilowatt solar array and upgraded to the limit of a five-kilowatt inverter. It means that the inverter has a DC/AC ratio of 6.5/5 = 1.3. It may seem like this at first since you’re paying more for solar panels than you’re able to manage. But the way you receive that cashback is in the winter months or on cloudy days. The rule of thumb is if there is cloud cover, which reduces the sun’s power production by half, you produce more power because of the greater number of solar panels. Simultaneously, for a net-metered solar solution, the window of opportunity is greater as the system will start working from an earlier part of the day, and as the sun starts declining the generation would still be there. This process is known as over-provisioning.

It’s been gaining popularity in Pakistan because solar panel prices have generally fallen in recent times in terms of price per watt. The size of the inverter you should have, the retailer should be able to do for you based on the size of your system, so you do not want to be concerned about all the information and why it’s you should know. Then, there are the basic circuits for the fuse box. This is precise as the name implies and is sized up of the wiring that connects to it.

The panels are connected to an inverter that comes with isolation boxes as well as switches so that electricians can switch on and switch off your solar arrays in the event they have to perform maintenance. Your installer will handle it all but it’s nice to know it’s a part of every system. Also, you shouldn’t just put the panels and the inverter in wherever you’d like to place them.

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