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Tubular Batteries For Solar Storage Have 20 Year Life

25 kw solar system price in pakistan

Background: Tubular batteries used in thousands of solar home solutions installed by M/S Rahimafrooz in Bangladesh show +11 years of normal life with precedents.

Comparison: The only comparison of Tubular batteries is with Lithium-Ion batteries which have a life expectancy of +10 years.

Price: The price of Tubular batteries is as low as 1/10th that of Lithium-Ion batteries. In Pakistan, 100 Ah Lithium-Ion battery cost is Rs.1,24,000 to 1,34,000/- (with one year warranty) whereas the cost of 100 AH Tubular battery made in Pakistan is Rs.13,000/- to Rs.18,600/- with one to two years warranty (presently 5 local brands are being sold).

Experience: In the year 2014, we installed 32 Tubular batteries 90 AH, VOLTA brand TR 120 for 1.25-hour power backup of 16 kW load at a Depth of Discharge (DOD) of 80%. Amazingly, to date, performing as per design specifications.

Trends: Lithium Ion batteries are super priced whereas Tubular are extremely low priced and most economical as compared with Lithium-Ion batteries if both are used for a fixed service period of say 15 years.

Regeneration: Li-Ion batteries can not be regenerated. Whereas, Tubular Batteries (OPzV and OPzS) can be regenerated allowing removal of sulphation and recouping to a minimum of 90% of its nominal rated capacity. More so, the battery management system if enabled with each of these batteries narrates a different story with respect to the SOC shown for each of these battery types.

Repair Maintenance: To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Aslam Azad (the solar golf cart creator/AEGCO/REAP) and Mr. Abdullah Somroo (creator of Flash Pack/Giki Incubator Incharge) are the most learned people with the practical knowledge of Li-Ion. As for they are concerned, according to these gentlemen, there is no direct fault replacement remedy available in the market for the Li-Ion.

More recently, the proclaimed artificial intelligence at the helm of affairs controlling DOD with the schedule of load shedding is in fact the required maintenance if given otherwise to the tubular batteries with minimal human intervention could enhance the tubular battery life even beyond 15 years.

Pro-tip: Lithium-ion chemistry performs well at elevated temperatures but prolonged exposure to heat reduces battery life (if you cover them with an external chassis for the surkhi-powder aesthetics).

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